Dawn Pope
Chief Operating Officer
Drew Messick
Chief Financial Officer
Bob McGrath
Chief Commercial Officer
Chris Jenkins
Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Melissa Fink
Senior Director IRB Services
Sarah Attwood
Director of Client Services
Michele Baptista
Senior Director of Business Development
Margaret Hsieh
IRB Vice Chair
Oleg Kisselev
IRB Vice Chair
Melissa Fitzgerald
Operations Manager
Alexandra Robinson Gantt
Senior IRB Analyst
Erik Guerra
IRB Analyst
Justin Walker
IRB Analyst
Stephanie Sollanek
IRB Analyst
Caylee Kinney
IRB Analyst
Emily Born
Minimal Risk IRB Analyst
Jennifer Smith
IRB Document Specialist
Zachary Curley
IRB Document Specialist
Sunny Hoffman
Client Services Partner
Maya Horsford
Contracts Specialist, Client Success
Amanda Bosco
Human Resources Manager
Ashley Drury
HR Assistant
Megan Kilroy
Administrative Specialist
Shauna Pierce
Project Coordinator, Client Success
Brittany Dyer
Administrative Operations Manager
Bailey Mohr
Administrative Office Assistant
Kaitlyn Le
Quality Manager
Larry Jones
Quality and Document Control Specialist
Mark Struckhoff
Accounts Receivable Manager
Rachel DePriest
Accounts Specialist
Venkatesh Movva
IT Support Specialist

Mission Statement

The mission of Castle IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human participants in gene and cell therapy clinical trials while providing efficient, compliant IRB review of research. Using our portfolio of expertise, we strive to be the leading IRB partner in advancing safe, ethical and compliant gene and cell therapy clinical trials to accelerate the next evolution in advanced therapies.